One of the reasons why I enjoy the early mornings so much, even though I really wouldn’t consider myself a “morning person,” is I love to watch the sunrise.

Usually it’s pretty quiet and with it I’m able to find a moment where peace, calmness, hope, a feeling of freshness and warm colors, that not only fill the sky but my body as I contemplate what’s possible. And most of the time, it feels like anything and everything is available to me.

Too often we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and forget about that rising perspective that inspires us to follow our true compass. It would seem the tasks and activities of the day drown out the muses we held in the awakening hours.

Maybe it’s here, in these golden hour moments where we can finally hear the small quiet voice within us that is guiding us to our true purpose in order to engage in a purposeful pursuit of what is meaningful to us rather than a string of useless activities and tasks which we convince ourselves are important.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll find it in our sunrise state of mind.