It’s tough to generate anything of worth that will remain longstanding in a state of chaos. This is called survival mode.

How can we expect to bring about permanent positive change in our lives if we are always in a constant state of chaos? The answer is: we can’t.

We must get back to a state of homeostasis in order to have normal functioning of our body and mind. We must learn to remember and learn to forget. Remember that a chaotic state of mind is toxic for our bodies in the long term. We must be able to forget about the past as it carries with it the burdens of stress and anxiety which have no benefits to us in the here and now.

When a gazelle is chased by a lion on the Serengeti and manages to out run it’s predator to safety, it goes back to grazing. It doesn’t remain in a constant state of imbalance as she continues to run the scenario over and over again in her head. She forgets and moves forward only to remain present in the current moment. She grazes.

If we continue to live in the past and not the present moment by focusing on what happened a day ago, a week ago or even 3 years ago, we can never move past this event/s to create new ones. We become a victim of our history only to bring on all the toxicity that comes with the stresses and anxiety of reliving the past.

We can avoid these physical and mental poisons by mindful actions to keep us present and not allow ourselves to live in the past.

It sounds simple and it can be, but nevertheless we must be vigilant in our pursuit. I think we’re worth it.