There is much that can be said for saying “yes” to the universe. “Should I start writing that novel?” “Is it a good idea to register for the half-marathon race coming up in the spring?” “Should I bring my camera with me on my hike?” “I wonder if sending a card over to a friend to let them know I’m thinking about them is a good idea?” Yes. Absolutely. Why not? And you better believe it.

We cannot show up, gain experience, get the results we don’t want and then start the process all over again by saying “no.” We must engage in the world. The idea. The art project. The race. The relationship, in order to grow, learn and evolve.

However, speaking up and saying “no” can be just as powerful when used at the appropriate time. When drawings your boundaries, taking care of the self, respecting and caring for others, when something goes against your core beliefs, when you know the choice you’re about to make is a strong one. These are just a few.

It’s not a matter of being negative. It’s about being clear and decisive with your intentions. After all, we can always use more functioning, loving, caring, decisive, motivated, healthy and open people in this world.