There is a big difference between being wise and being educated. I’ve found there’s a false narrative being told to our youth that when you become educated you will become smart, run your own company and change the world. This may be true and I hope my children have the same ambitions to make a difference. However, one huge aspect left out of education is problem solving.

This area of focus can be hard to find in the classrooms of high schools as well as lecture halls of university’s. Here is a place where it would seem the business of education is as important – or maybe more – than the what the undergraduates are actually learning.

The act of regurgitating material onto a test page is an antiquated system that needs overhauling. Unfortunately, there’s no rush to do so as the system itself and the people involved don’t wish to rock the boat on something that can and is exploited for capital gains. Unfortunately, the only people involved who aren’t benefiting as a whole – teachers in the classroom – especially at the younger ages – are the most disrespected in the whole system.

Maybe there will be a time when the fox in the henhouse will look at himself in the mirror and ask himself, “Is there a better way?” Until then, I choose wisdom and life experiences every time.