Too many times I have brought the past moments – lost or not – into the present. This doesn’t serve me well. Ultimately, I end up in a state of resentment, ambiguity and anxiousness. Most importantly, I’m not present in the moment and therefore incapable of truly evolving. This is living in Fear. I’m stagnate – frozen in my tracks.

The tendency for me is to focus on the road behind me and the missteps I’ve made rather than how to proceed – fully engaged in my current location. Which only exacerbates my state of mind and pulls me farther into the depths of fear and anxiety and away from Faith.

The moment I declare that “I’m exactly where I need to be in this moment” and let go of any expectations, is when I’m bathed in a calm bath of Faith and Knowing. It must be an authentic surrendering or the anxiety doesn’t depart. However, when it does, I’m able to become whole again and move forward with my endeavors without looking over my shoulder. I can express who I am in that moment and it’s exactly where I need to be.