What does abundant mean to you? Being in the best shape of your life? Having loved ones around you who inspire you to be the best you can be every day? Knowing you have millions of dollars in your bank account? Having a job you love to do and you get paid to do it?

Each of us have a different idea of what abundance in our life looks like. It’s relative to one’s perspective. Someone may feel they need to have 3 homes, an income of over $3 million a year and wear the finest of clothes. Another may feel as long as they have clean water and food to eat with a dry bed, they are living in abundance. Which person is happier?

I heard a story a long time ago that has stuck with me and it’s worth telling. It happened at a self-help seminar. The gentleman conducting the seminar on the stage asked people in the audience what it took to feel successful in their lives. One man said, he needs to have less than 8% body fat and making at least $2 million a year. Another person claimed they needed to be promoted at least once every three years, a paycheck of X amount a year, etc. One guy stood up and said he feels successful if he’s able to open his eyes in the morning and get out of bed.

Which person is going to feel better about themselves throughout the day?

Having abundance in your life is relative to your perspective. Which perspective are you choosing to take?