How we prepare for the weather can directly impact our overall well-being. If you show up to the beach on a warm sunny day planning on spending much of your time reading in your beach chair, you might find yourself burned at the end of the day only to have a restless sleep.

Standing in the rain on a chilly afternoon watching a game in the stands or even gong for a walk without the proper rain gear can change your mood dramatically as well. Now wet and cold, we have a hard time enjoying our company, the competition of the game or the beautiful scenery on your long walk.

Taking a bit of time by looking at the weather forecast in order to prepare yourself for what you’re about to engage in can make a big difference.

This can be applied to most things in life. Rather than just showing up, we can be thoughtful about what we do in order to be best prepared for the next big thing. . . or small one.

You might just find that with a little preparation, there’s a whole lot of fun.