Eventually, every dog has his day. It’s funny to think that as time passes we all go from young green horns to seasoned veterans, whether we like it or not. I’ve been on this earth for 50+ years and I would love to think I’m going to live to 100 in great health, but the reality is there are more years behind me than in front of me.

That amount of time walking this earth has given me all kinds of life experiences to learn, grow and evolve from – if you choose of course. It has also given me some space between me and the next generation. It has earned me the honors of the younger people in my life calling my methods “old school.” I adore it. Even though it seemed like yesterday that the old men on the opposing team – while running up and down the basketball court – were calling us “flat bellies,” it would appear that I’m the old man now. It’s all good. I’ve earned it and do my best to leverage those principles and disciplined methods I learned from my father into tangible habits and a work ethic that brings my goals and endeavors to me in the perfect time.

Remember: there is no substitution for Grit. Never has been. Never will. Period.

Most importantly, don’t get bamboozled into thinking there is. Whoever told you that is a charlatan. Run from them as fast as you can.

Don’t talk about. No one wants to hear your grand plans. Keep your mouth shut and get to work. Keep your head down and mind your business. Talk with your game.

Buckle down. Show up and merely begin. Then repeat.

Oh yeah. Sprinkle a whole lot of Love and Laughter along the way. They make for some brilliant colors.