Own your actions, but don’t get tied to your ideas.

We should all be responsible for our own actions, as no one else can make you do anything. Yes, I understand there are exceptions, but we must not drag the past into the present to determine today or tomorrow.

Therefore, when we take responsibility for everything in our lives we are taking a stand and saying to ourselves, “no more excuses.” The buck stops here!

When we look beyond ourselves in order to make – not only ourselves – but this world a better place, we move past our mistakes, failures and ideas that are holding us back from evolving. We’re able to separate ourselves from ideas, methods, and beliefs.

We learn to adopt the best ideas, strategies and approaches in order to manifest our goal. It’s not personal. It’s the law of cause and effect.

When we can let go of antiquated concepts that no longer work for us, we can move forward untethered with endless possibilities. The ideas aren’t you. It’s an idea. Let it go.