We are where we are because of our choices we’ve made up to this point in our lives. Period.

That could scare you to death or get you really excited. If you’re frightened, you may not be ready to rise to the responsibility of what it takes to be healthy by owning up to your actions and moving forward by making stronger choices. If that excites you, then you know deep down nothing has been written for you and your possibilities are limitless.

We all have diversity and some much more than others. There are plenty of inspirational stories of people overcoming unsurmountable odds to rise to success in his/her chosen field.

Let’s not get stuck in our excuses of why we’re not where we want to be, but instead rise to the occasion and own our mistakes, assess what we need to do to fix them and move on.

Today is a new day! The past does not equal the future.

We can choose to drag our past mistakes into this moment if want or we can start anew. It’s your choice.

But it is a choice.