I’ve heard from more than one person that a great way to change your current state of emotion is to run water over your face a few times. I do it every morning right after rolling out of bed and most of the time its very cold water. I make sure I get my forehead as this seems to be important and does tend to make a difference.

Recently, I learned this is a ritual that other people use as well. Jerry Seinfeld is one who does it throughout his day in transition periods – sometimes more than once. It’s a great tool to use when segueing from one emotional state, new task, or just to re-focus throughout our day.

A walk around the block, 3 deep breaths or a brief 5-minute meditation can reset and recharge your batteries as well, so we can take on our next endeavor. Find what works best for you, and implement it into your schedule in key moments throughout your day. It may just make enough difference for you so you can approach the next moment with fresh eyes.