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It seems we can get caught up in an exotic and dynamic first impression of someone we initially meet. I know I have. But, maybe we should look a bit deeper. They are attractive, they have an exciting and adventurous life-style and/or job and are extremely charming. They are well-spoken and it would appear they are someone you would like to hang out with some time.

The question I want to know is: are they reliable? I’m at an age where it’s more important for me to be around people who I can count on. Not to say you can’t find both. I’ve been around the block with the other and it can get quite frustrating and exhausting.

They promise an epic adventure with you at some point in the future, but when it comes time to meeting them for coffee or tea, they are nowhere to be found and cannot be nailed down for a time or place.

In the past, I have been guilty of unrealistic expectations which can certainly come into play as well and I have made sure to make adjustments.

The people I feel closest to in my life are the ones that always seem to be there when I need to get something off my mind. They offer sound advice that grounds me and simplifies the issue to make it feel manageable. These are the relationships I cherish and continue to cultivate.

First Impressions

How we present ourselves to the world makes a difference whether we believe it or not. There’s nothing wrong with showing up in sweats, t-shirt and a baseball cap turned around backwards. We convey something as we arrive on the scene. Just as you would if you showed up in a three-piece suit to a Superbowl party.

There’s no right or wrong, but just be aware that there is a difference and we are always “on stage.” People are always looking at us and our behavior- like it or not – judging everything about us.

So the question becomes, what are we trying to communicate. I’m a person of responsibility? Fun-loving comedienne? Professional? Down-to-earth hippy? Me? It doesn’t matter, but just be fully aware that how we present ourselves to this great big world is being taken in by others, assessed and judged.

Maybe less is more for a certain situations as you’re goal is to peak curiosity. Play around with it. Have fun. Maybe you will be treated differently. Maybe not.


A flight from Los Angeles to New York can and does go off course only to be corrected numerous times during it’s flight. Part of the pilot’s job is to adjust for these occurrences – which are totally normal – and get the plane back on course to it’s destination. Nowadays, with modern technology it’s most likely all automated with computers.

It would be quite helpful if we were able to utilize the same technology when it comes to living our lives.

Maybe an alarm would sound when we make a poor choice that diverts us from attracting a goal we have set forth earlier in the year. We then recognize our mistake and review our options in order to make a different and stronger decision. As nice as this would be, it’s not likely we’ll have this tech for some time.

Here’s another way: Model someone who has the life we intend to lead. Find out what that person did to get where they are and maybe there are opportunities for us to follow that same path. It’s not going to be exact of course, but knowing someone else has blazed their own trail is not only inspiring, but also gives us ideas and resources we had never thought were available to us.

I remember Will Smith saying, (I’m paraphrasing) “If you are going through something and you want to find out answers about it, more than likely someone else has gone through the same thing and a book has been written on the subject matter as well.”

The answers to our destination are out there. We just need to go look for them.

The Day Of Love

Why not take advantage of a holiday like Valentine’s Day and use it as an excuse to choose to emanate Love to as many people as possible throughout the course of our day.

Why not.

Why not say, “I Love you” to a person who you’re grateful for in your life. Maybe you have a little extra patience with that annoying co-worker. What about going out of way to make life a little easier for someone else?

Why not.

Maybe you keep yourself in mind and give yourself a little Love and know you’re exactly where you need to be in this very moment.

Why not.

After all, it’s Valentine’s Day and there can never be too much Love in this great big world of ours.

Stand Tall

I would rather feel good than be right.

Not that I would like to feel bad and be wrong, but it’s more important for me to feel good/God than it is standing my ground and proclaiming a short-lived hollow victory.

There is humility in growth. I’m willing to grow. There is a meekness to making mistakes. I do my best not to hesitate as I know this is where I gain my wisdom.

Remaining in the arena of growth, empathy and Love nullifies the need for ego.

And so as we bravely challenge our pride, keeping it in check, as we discover our true nature while connecting and inspiring others, let’s remember we’re all in this together.

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