A flight from Los Angeles to New York can and does go off course only to be corrected numerous times during it’s flight. Part of the pilot’s job is to adjust for these occurrences – which are totally normal – and get the plane back on course to it’s destination. Nowadays, with modern technology it’s most likely all automated with computers.

It would be quite helpful if we were able to utilize the same technology when it comes to living our lives.

Maybe an alarm would sound when we make a poor choice that diverts us from attracting a goal we have set forth earlier in the year. We then recognize our mistake and review our options in order to make a different and stronger decision. As nice as this would be, it’s not likely we’ll have this tech for some time.

Here’s another way: Model someone who has the life we intend to lead. Find out what that person did to get where they are and maybe there are opportunities for us to follow that same path. It’s not going to be exact of course, but knowing someone else has blazed their own trail is not only inspiring, but also gives us ideas and resources we had never thought were available to us.

I remember Will Smith saying, (I’m paraphrasing) “If you are going through something and you want to find out answers about it, more than likely someone else has gone through the same thing and a book has been written on the subject matter as well.”

The answers to our destination are out there. We just need to go look for them.