How we present ourselves to the world makes a difference whether we believe it or not. There’s nothing wrong with showing up in sweats, t-shirt and a baseball cap turned around backwards. We convey something as we arrive on the scene. Just as you would if you showed up in a three-piece suit to a Superbowl party.

There’s no right or wrong, but just be aware that there is a difference and we are always “on stage.” People are always looking at us and our behavior- like it or not – judging everything about us.

So the question becomes, what are we trying to communicate. I’m a person of responsibility? Fun-loving comedienne? Professional? Down-to-earth hippy? Me? It doesn’t matter, but just be fully aware that how we present ourselves to this great big world is being taken in by others, assessed and judged.

Maybe less is more for a certain situations as you’re goal is to peak curiosity. Play around with it. Have fun. Maybe you will be treated differently. Maybe not.