It seems we can get caught up in an exotic and dynamic first impression of someone we initially meet. I know I have. But, maybe we should look a bit deeper. They are attractive, they have an exciting and adventurous life-style and/or job and are extremely charming. They are well-spoken and it would appear they are someone you would like to hang out with some time.

The question I want to know is: are they reliable? I’m at an age where it’s more important for me to be around people who I can count on. Not to say you can’t find both. I’ve been around the block with the other and it can get quite frustrating and exhausting.

They promise an epic adventure with you at some point in the future, but when it comes time to meeting them for coffee or tea, they are nowhere to be found and cannot be nailed down for a time or place.

In the past, I have been guilty of unrealistic expectations which can certainly come into play as well and I have made sure to make adjustments.

The people I feel closest to in my life are the ones that always seem to be there when I need to get something off my mind. They offer sound advice that grounds me and simplifies the issue to make it feel manageable. These are the relationships I cherish and continue to cultivate.