It would seem in my younger years that my days could be a bit chaotic. I’m sure it had to do with a variety of things at the time: immaturity – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, but also hormones, lack of direction, confidence, limited life experiences and an absence of self-actualization (maybe not completely).

That’s okay. I chalk it up as childhood and adolescence. A time for exploration, experimentation and a whole lot of mistakes.

Nowadays, my preferred grove in life includes a rhythm of the heart and mind. It’s a pace in which my days are far from chaotic – but can be a bit crazy at times – in which no matter what happens, I’ve trained myself not to over react and to remain centered and grounded. Flying off the handle has little interest to me these days.

I’ve discovered the rhythm of my mind and heart and take that glorious beat with me wherever I go. No doubt this takes maintenance through meditation and awareness, but never the less it’s the engine that drives my day and I’m so grateful for it’s presence.