Although we may not have control of how we feel about something, we certainly have a choice of how we can react.

This is the difference between a person who chooses to be a victim or someone who gets out in front and is proactive. The more space we put between the stimulus and response, the more productive our reactions tend to be. Hence, the solution of counting to 10.

We must remember WE are the governors of our emotions, our reactions and our perspective. No one can tell us how to feel nor respond.

Growing up I saw my father repeatedly go to work reluctantly. Unhappily. I could sense the feeling of dread he had on Monday mornings. Not to mention that he would make sure we (my brothers and sisters) knew it as well. When I became an adult, I chose not to view Monday mornings that way. I do my best not to view my job that way.

Why? I get to choose. I’m the Governor.

As are you.