As we all know, change can be a terrifying thing. They say, we all want to change just as long as we don’t have to change anything.

But all creative ideas, endeavors and manifestations come from the unknown – not the known. We have to get used to living and creating from that place – as uncomfortable as it may be. I’ve heard it said, “How can we expect things to change by repeating the same behavior over and over?”

This is not referring to a daily practice of getting better at something. I’m talking about hoping things in your life were different, but not doing anything about it. We must break the cycle of complacency and procrastination and do the work. It doesn’t have to be pretty. By no means perfect. It just needs to get done. Now. Today. Build it one brick at a time. Let’s not judge it, let’s just put in the work.

And then wake up tomorrow and do it again.