More than likely this blog is a continuation of my last one in which I wrote about reconciling our past in order to free ourselves from the ties that can bind us in the present.

There are fears/topics/areas of interest/sticking points in our lives that repeatedly turn up that we must deal with over and over. These “ghosts” will continue to haunt us until they are dealt with courageously by squaring our shoulders up and looking them directly in the eyes.

We spend a lot of time hoping some quick-fix distraction (some form of addiction, procrastination, dysfunction, etc.) will make their presence vanish, only to find these haunting relics reappear around the next blind corner thinking we left them in the review mirror years prior.

Now, we’re chasing ghosts. This not a place anyone wants to be. So, let’s turn and face what scares us deep within. Once we do, we transcend that fear and begin to become the person we’re all capable of becoming.