It’s always a challenge for me to stick with the discipline of putting in the consistent non-glamorous work day after day. As I like to call the Hum Drum Work.

These are the tasks that are important, but not urgent such as; writing 1-2 pages of your book, any ab workout, practicing your scales on an instrument, getting up before the sun and knocking out 5 miles on the empty streets or pecking out the opening scene of your next screenplay. These everyday disciplines is what builds the character and fortitude I need to continue on.

When I allow an excuse to keep me from showing up during these moments, I feel defeated and broken. It’s so easy to give in at times, “just this once” I say. The cunningness of what Pressfield calls resistance – is one that cant’ be trusted. Never.

We must dig in. Dive deep. Push on through the fear and uncomfortableness of the unknown and not look back. The details are in the doing not the contemplating of it. I have to remember that.