There are many elements in my life that keep me humble and grounded, however the two main strengths I drawn upon on a regular basis are remembering where I came from as child and always having the courage to look around this great big world of ours to see and acknowledge others who have it far more difficult than I.

I had everything I ever needed as a child and was quite fortunate to have a private education throughout my childhood. However, it was instilled in us to acquire the awareness that there are other children around the world that didn’t have what I experienced daily.

I’ve always been an extremely empathetic person – even as a child – and have continued to keep my sensitivity and empathy close to me as a tool to to stay grounded – to remain humble.

Drawing upon those feelings as a child, I try my best to put into perspective the totality of all the blessings in my life (“good” and “bad”) and accepting them as part of my journey. There are times when it can be extremely challenging for me as it’s so much easier to play the victim, but this is when I look outward into my neighborhood or to the streets and fringes of town and even to families across the globe. This is where you can find perspective.