It’s much easier for me to be in a chipper mood when it’s Friday afternoon. Or when the sun is shining on the beach while I roll into day two of my vacation. It’s a bit more challenging for me to keep that same energy when I wake up on a Wednesday morning with a cold and reluctantly pull myself out of bed.

I vowed I would never let my circumstances determine my mood, but I’ve come to find it can be more difficult than it sounds. It doesn’t mean I don’t try.

What I’ve come to learn is this; “this too shall pass,” and/or “the sun is always shining behind the clouds.” What that means to me is that even though you feel stuck in a terrible place, it won’t last forever. You will move through it to the other side if you just hang in there. In addition, this is when you find out what people are really made of. Anyone can be happy when things are going their way. It’s when we’re in crisis mode and the wheels have fallen off and everything is on fire when you see their true colors. And most of the time it’s not pretty. I don’t like that look for myself.

We are humans, no doubt. And I’m the first to tell you I make mistakes everyday. So, I do my best to let the past go and be the best version of myself today. Now. No matter what the weather is like.