I know when I’m resisting moving forward with a particular task or activity, it means I should probably keep moving in that direction. For me, most of the time what is best for me is what I’m most afraid to tackle.

There was an episode on the long running show “Seinfeld” where George couldn’t get a break. It seemed to him that every choice he made was sending him in the opposite direction of where he wanted to go. One day Jerry suggested that if all of his choices had been wrong in the past that he just needed to do the opposite of what his instincts told him. George thought it was brilliant advice and changed his ways. Of course we all know how the show went: it worked for George for a while and he felt on top of the world until he didn’t and then the wheels fell off sending him back to his usual place in line.

I realize it’s not as simple as that, but there is merit for me to square up to the things that bring me hesitation and even procrastination because of resistence. I’ve learned my lesson so many times – I’m always a better person after taking on challenges that test and stretch me. Always.

So, maybe the next time I say “no” to something, I know what it really means: Say “Yes” and then do it.