Being generous is contagious. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. The shrapnel of kindness has penetrated my being more than once after being in close range during an unselfish explosion and I love it!

But, it can also work the other way as well. We can become closed off and a bit stingy if that’s our environment and those kinds of people are part of our scene.

This is why I’m so particular about who I spend my time with. Being with people who are generous is one of my requirements for sure.

Giving to others kindly and with love can be so energizing to me and invigorates my soul to only want to give more. It can be easy for me to forget and this is why it’s important to be reminded by others.

Every time I choose to engage in an act of generosity it softens me. It warms my heart and puts things into perspective again; it’s not all about me.

I love that feeling every single time.