I’m saddened when I hear about all the pain and suffering that goes on around our world today. I’m especially brokenhearted because of the choices people in our country – especially young folks – choosing violence against others and themselves as some sort of twisted “solution” to their problems. Maybe they don’t view it as a solution, but as “payback” for all the pain they’re going through.

My gut tells me there are no quick solutions (obviously) – through politics, changing of laws or prescription of medicines and/or blaming others. This seems to run much deeper than those “fast grab” talking points.

What is the answer, I’m not sure. It probably entails all of those things as well as a half dozen more. But, in the meantime I’m hoping for more Love in the world. More patience with others. Empathy and kindness and whole lot of listening. A whole lot of listening.

We can do this. I truly believe we can.