It has been my experience that when I fly by the seat of my pants day after day without proper preparation I can miss out on the details I find important to get right.

This is why I find getting out in front of what I’m about to face by preparing helps in more ways than one. This can happen for me by physically getting the list of items needed out the night before or it can involve me running through a mental checklist.

First, I’m not as stressed out scrambling to put the pieces together. Secondly, I can do the quality of work I want to do by making sure there are no elements missing. And maybe most importantly, I can find pleasure in the task at hand because I’m able to focus my mind in the moment without being distracted.

Getting ahead of yourself in this case is your greatest ally. She’s the best part of you helping you be better by being your bodyguard and blazing a trail through the raucous crowd as you breeze through untouched to the main event.