We’re a product of our environment.

That can be a benefit as well as a detriment for us. If we have grown up in a toxic environment filled with anger, lies and resentment due to a less than stellar example of a relationship by our parents and/or guardians, we may be limiting our exposure to a functional, loving and unselfish way of living.

However, we can also use that as fuel to make sure we never engage in that sort of relationship when we find our mate.

What we surround ourselves with is so very important to how we view the world around us. Let’s do the best we can to make sure it’s not just healthy, but something that inspires us to be the best part of ourselves we can be.

From what we watch on TV, to the friends we choose to keep, to the activities we decide to engage in. These choices all make a difference of what soaks into our psyche and we believe is “normal.” We may not have a choice of who our family members are, but we do have a choice of how we spend our time and what we expose ourselves to.

Let’s be picky. We’re worth it!