I’m not sure why we lie. No doubt, it has to do with a myriad of reasons.

When I was young, I remember knowingly trying it on for size to get out of trouble for the first time. That caught up with me pretty quickly as my Mom sniffed it out a mile away and came down pretty hard on me.

At that point I realized I probably wouldn’t be heading down that path again in the near future. It just wasn’t in my nature. As I matured I came to realize that lying was more than just “not telling the truth.” It was a betrayal of others as well as yourself. It was a lack of integrity. Lack or morals.

I was afraid of where that path might lead and chose not to go in that direction. Some do and I’m not sure why. Family members who at a very early age began to lie and looking back, realize it was a pre-cursor of what lie ahead (pun intended).

Not my cup of tea and probably never will be. Most importantly, I do my best not to associate myself with people that do. It doesn’t serve me, them or anyone well.

In fact, I have a pretty low tolerance for lying nowadays. If you knowingly lie to my face – and your not one of my children – I will cut you off pretty quickly. Maybe for good.