Momentum in life is an important aspect for my evolvement and I’m fully aware that when I get off track and lose it, it can be difficult to get back on the horse again.

This is why an understanding of how it works is critical to remaining consistent with our good habits.

It was explained to me that momentum is like a pump on a well. At first we must pump the handle vigorously before we are going to see any water come out of the spout, because we have to build up enough pressure to bring the water far underground up the pipe. Once we have a flow of water, we just need to maintain that pressure by pumping the handle on a consistent basis. Because we have already built up the pressure and the water is flowing, an easy pump is all we need.

Such is life. I know for me, when I’m on a roll and exercising on a consistent basis, it almost feels like the breeze is at my back or a hand is gently pushing me forward giving me the momentum to complete my tasks. It can be quite easy.

However, once I stop and then pick it back up, I don’t feel the hand on my back and I have to regain that precious push by feverishly pumping the handle on the well again.

So instead, we can maintain our momentum by staying consistent and not allow any excuse come between us and our momentum.