Everyone has to start from somewhere. Most of the time that’s at the beginning. Or at least what appears to be, as the results are most likely not ideal.

Another words, while honing your craft, you’re not going to be very good at the start. Maybe you will. It doesn’t really matter. This is your starting point and where you chose to go from there makes all the difference.

However, we live in a world where everyone seems to focus on results and the finished product. As if everyone’s lives consist of selfies on exotic white beaches. No one can be a hack. A student. I’ve fallen into this trap as well. It only stops me from creating because I’ll focus on the end result rather than the process. If I don’t feel the final product is going to be top-notch then I don’t even begin. How sad.

Let’s embrace mediocre. Bad. Even cheesy. Let’s reveal ourselves as who we are: dysfunctional, broken human beings who have a whole lot of Love to give and are extremely resilient, who just want to be accepted by the tribe.

And so we must follow the words of the brilliant minds: “And here’s the secret: Merely begin.”