It can be very easy for me to lose my focus in a day. It’s only more challenging when I’m working on a long-term endeavor that takes not just days, but weeks or even months to stay on task and see it through to the end.

I have to remind myself to ask the question of whether what I’m doing is keeping me on task in regards to the big picture or not. Often times, I’ve strayed off into the weeds aimlessly wandering about (i.e. mindlessly online going from website to website or taking up another activity convincing myself it’s important).

Distilling it down to what is vital in order to bring about the results I’ve intended is kind of my kryptonite. Nevermind. It’s not kind of . . . it is. This takes getting clear on where I’m going. No one else can do that but me.

The clearer I am with where I’m going, the more self-evident the road will be to how to get there.

This takes time, planning and preparation on my part before jumping in, but I know it will pay off in the end. It always has and always will.