It seems to me the British believe any challenge can be overcome or problem can be solved as long as they’re able to sit down and discuss it over tea.

I was fortunate enough to go to London a few years ago with my family and decided to jump on board the tea train as well (Full disclosure; I was already a fan of green tea). It appeared that most people chose English Breakfast and the rules were basic and I committed with all of my being: Any time was a good time for tea.

We would tour the town by walking the streets of the bustling city with cafe’s around every corner where one could get their fill. One of my favorite delight’s about London are all the parks where you can lounge on a blanket, stroll the winding paths or people watch from a bench – while of course – sipping on tea. There seemed to be a cute little building that sold the cup of goodness straight-up (that’s how I like it) with a croissant of course, in every park we visited. How lovely.

What I’ve come to realize about the English is this: It’s not about the tea as much as it’s about the time you take to sip it while connecting with others. That’s the secret. It’s just an excuse to take a time-out and look at each other in their eyes and ask another human being, “so, how are you doing?”

Tea anyone?