Unplugging from our world every once in a while doesn’t seem like it would be a bad idea. As much as we’ve grown attached to our devices, a day of taking pause from checking our phones, replying to texts, emails or looking up the weather rather than walking outside sounds like a sure thing to me.

Maybe we start by weaning ourselves slowly. We pick a day of the week that suits our schedule – say Sunday and book it. Then we turn it off and put in a drawer for an hour while we explore the backyard or go for a walk.

If we’re gutsy, maybe we can block out half a day and go hiking, a stroll on the beach or even call a friend and convince them to do the same and have a long brunch. Sounds stylish to me.

Maybe – just maybe, we can make it a weekly occurrence and discover a little more about ourselves, our friends and loved-ones and this great big beautiful world of ours.

But for now, let’s just take one step at a time.