So often we become limited with our view of the world and how we attract things into our lives. We may think we’re not headed in the right direction when actually we are. Or we may believe our current job has nothing to do with our dream job – when it really does. We may just need to exercise a little patience.

We are always acquiring new skills along the way and honing our existing ones if we’re able to see the value in them. We may not understand how running a cabinet shop helps us become a better writer but maybe it’s teaching us a valuable lesson in the discipline of having to show up early every morning at the office whether we want to or not. A priceless part of the craft every writer and/or artist could benefit from.

When we’re Pathfinder’s there is never one way to get to where we intend to go. And it may be “unconventional” to those around us. And yes, it may not be on our timetable, but it just very well may be on it’s way in due time.

We must remain steadfast in – not only our daily tasks and habits – but in our faith that what we’re intending to attract is indeed on it’s way to us. In the perfect time. But no doubt, it is on it’s way.

Pathfinder’s always find a way.