I doubt if it’s the same for everyone, but evolving into your true self may take a bit of time. Longer than you anticipate anyway.

For me, the powerful influence of the people around me growing up, my environment/surroundings and my life experiences dramatically impacted my perspective on the world and my place in it. Especially, the person deep within me that would eventually make it’s presence known.

I guess what I’m saying is, there were certainly aspects of my personality in place when I came into this world, but the people around me and what I experienced in my impressionable years shaped and molded my personality as well.

Often times, we’re unable to visualize the best version of ourselves. We may not think it’s possible. I certainly don’t believe that’s true. Not for myself or anyone else. We just have to create the right environment for ourselves in order to thrive. All things are possible.

This includes: our daily habits, what we put into our body, the people we associate with on a regular basis, what we spend our time doing, the content we expose ourselves to, how we move through this world and maybe most importantly – what we focus on. Some of these elements are more challenging to change than others no doubt. But, I believe it’s worth it.

It’s worth the price of becoming the true and authentic YOU, you are destined to become.