Being a middle-age man, I’ve evolved in many different areas of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One of my favorites has to be how soft I’ve become – and I don’t mean physically. Maybe it’s just my true shine showing through after the facade of my ego has rubbed off after all these years.

I certainly know what I want and what makes me happy now-a-days, but my Love far exceeds my desire for any type of violence or harm to others. Any living creatures. I rarely kill flies, as I find it more challenging to catch them in mid-air with my hands and release them to the great outdoors.

I used to hunt a bit when I was in college, but find no desire to do those kinds of things anymore. My appreciation for living things has increase ten-fold and I enjoy every minute of it. From my little dogs (one is a newly adopted rescue) to my 15 year old cat, I find joy in taking care of them, feeding them and going for walks as they smell their way around my neighborhood.

I guess it’s my appreciation for life that has blossomed and grown, giving me another element in my life to be grateful for. Yeah, I’m a softy and I Love every moment of it!