As I move through this life on earth and strive to be the best version of myself I can be, I realize that my inner compass is always guiding me in the direction of my destiny, if I could only pay attention to the signs. Subtle as they may be.

There were times when I hoped a lightening bolt would crackle downward from the skies above or a piece of ripe fruit would fall from a tree hitting me on my head in order to get my attention. These would be clear telltale signs to help me identify the course of my direction.

However, it’s much more subtle than that.

It’s a feeling deep within that grabs my full attention. It’s a yearning – a desire to explore an idea (as big or small as it may seem at the time) even though I may have little experience in that area. It’s a bold proclamation. It’s being on the precipice of a promise being made to myself. It often times comes as a brilliant endeavor full of adrenaline and excitement followed by crippling fear realizing what’s truly at risk. This is usually when I know I’m on the right track.

More times than not, the desires and dreams of my true self – the destiny of my life – speak to me not through raging weather anomalies or a thunderous voice from heaven above, but rather a small quiet voice within. A calm confident utterance, but nonetheless a faint whisper.

This is when I strive to listen attentively. As I’ve come to believe my destiny lies there. Within those brief, still, but yet crucial moments.