One of first thing Darin Olien (author and podcast host) does after getting off the plane from a long trip is find a patch of earth where he takes off his shoes and socks to walk barefoot across the soft green blades of grass. This is his way of reconnecting himself to this planet and reset his circadian clock.

Any time we are able to directly connect with living things on this earth we’re better in the long run. Be it a walk in the mountains among the tall pine trees, a picnic on the grass, a cuddle session with your pet or a backyard bbq with our friends.

Isolating ourselves in dark air-conditioned rooms lit by artificial lighting, humming hard drives and fans blasting air around the room is less than healthy for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There’s no doubt we have to do what we have to do. Whether it’s our work environment, living conditions, etc. let’s remember the wonderful gifts of simple connections with everything living among us in this great wide world of ours.

Who knows, we might just get addicted to it.