The older I get, the less patience I have for chaos in my surroundings. However, I have become more patient in the sense of allowing the process of life to unfold before me without getting quite so anxious.

Just as our galaxy and the earth began to form itself from the absolute chaos of an explosion in space billions of years ago which includes gas, hydrogen, space dust and more – our world began to organize itself over time into a perfectly synchronized dance we now call life.

It may be a bit messy at times, but from that comes order, continuity, design and more. However, we have to start somewhere. Over a period of time if we continue to show up and put in the work, we can begin to make sense of what is around us and create exactly what we intend in life.

It doesn’t happen over night. Remember; it’s a marathon not a sprint. But all in good time.

So, welcome the chaos. You’ve got this.