In the movie The Truman Show, Jim Carrey’s character only discovers the “edge” of his universe (a soundstage wall with a door to the outside world) after he embarks on an epic journey when he decides to take a risk to explore the unknown.

I’m not quite sure our world can be compared to his, but nevertheless, we have the option of making the place we live in as expansive or confined as we desire. It’s a mindset. Often times we get stuck in a groove of repetition that can seem to limit ourselves in a variety of ways rather than serve as an infinite playground where anything is possible.

Only when we take a risk and get out of our comfort zone, can the magic of possibility become our ally. This “risk” has the potential of huge returns, and must not only be recognized, but sought out on a regular basis.

Only in the unknown lies the destiny of all we desire. Leaving the comfort of seeing the shoreline in the distance and stepping off our familiar lands is the singular and essential act in order to answer the call deep within us.

So, explore!