We can always find ways to be grateful for what we have in our lives. Whether that’s our health, friend’s, career’s or material things – we have the intellect to shift our perspective in order to find gratitude for what we have and where we are in this moment right now.

Whenever I get really sick and I’m laying in bed with aches and pains trying to keep everything down, I always say to myself, “I’m never going to take my health for granted again.” But inevitably, after a few weeks I completely disregard the fact that I’m able to go for a run, throw the baseball with my son or take a long walk with my wife pain free. Why?

It’s as if I’m back to the status quo. “Don’t you remember how awful you felt stuck in your bed just a couple short weeks ago?” The truth is: I’ve forgotten. We’ve forgotten It doesn’t mean we can’t remember. We can. We just need to shift our minds in order to see it. To feel it. It doesn’t take much.

It’s a shift of perspective to find the gratitude in the now. It’s everywhere. We just have to look.