Sometimes I really do think about not having any motivation to do anything. You can hear me complain at times that I wish I was a couch potato. But, I really don’t think that’s true. I really don’t want that. I feel at times I am the laziest-disciplined person in the world. Why is that? Where does that come from?

The paragraph above is proof enough that we’re all neurotic. We all can struggle being objective with ourselves and our own effectiveness in this world. Why must we solicit compliments from others around us rather than seeing the merit in who we are right now? Today. Here in this moment. Tarnished. Maybe a bit broken, but ready to learn, grow and evolve.

Here’s an idea. Let’s go easy on ourselves. Let’s give us a break. Maybe give a little extra self-Love today. We’re all broken. We’re all tarnished and cracked. That’s what it is to be a human being. Let’s not beat ourselves up over it. Let’s just Love ourselves instead. Let’s treat ourselves like we’d treat a loved family member and always give them/us the benefit of the doubt.

We could all use that today. I know I can.