Here’s an idea: If what we focus on expands, then why can’t we pay attention to the small things in our day where we can find joy in the minute details. Would this be a way of shifting our perspective and expanding the timeline of our lives in order to find more fulfillment and joy in what could be called the monotonous and sometimes drab tasks we take part in?

I believe the answer is – Yes. Of course this is a way. We’re fully capable of finding a way to make that 3 mile run a precious act of Love and fulfillment if we can only choose the right perspective. Maybe we can pretend as if this is the last time you ever get to run again. I bet we could find not only a way to enjoy it, but to be grateful for the opportunity. I did. Last night.

I’m no smarter than the average bear, but I certainly can do my best to stay out of the deep rut of life we can find ourselves getting into making our days less than average. It just takes a little effort and creativity.

We’re all capable of anything! That we must remember.