What does it take to get the job done? To solve the problem? To get the results you’re looking for?

Whatever it takes. I’m not trying to sound flippant, but that’s the truth. It’s different in every situation. And that’s okay. We don’t need to know before hand. That’s not important.

It would be no different than picking out the clubs you’re going to use before you tee off. You can tell yourself you’re going to hit your drive 285 yards down the middle of the fairway so that you have a nice 8 iron into the green and knock it 5 feet away so you can drain your birdie. So you grab your driver, 8 iron and putter. But, that may not happen.

It’s going to take whatever it takes. That may be your rescue club out of the rough or a 5 iron to punch it out from under a tree. There’s no reason to stress about it before you hit your next shot.

We just approach our next endeavor with a calm mind and bring to it as much information we have at the time (unless you want to collect more) and do what it takes get the job done. Sometimes it can be messy and sometimes it’s not. that’s okay. That’s what life looks like sometimes.

Then again, a par is a par no matter how get it.