I saw this quote in a small business the other day and it got me thinking:

What if I had the opportunity to meet myself for the first time? What would I think about me? Would I like me? Would I think I’m fake? Authentic? Would I trust me? Would I want to hang out with me? Do I give myself the appropriate amount of attention when having a conversation or does it look like I’m bored and/or distracted and want to move on.

I know what I’d want myself to be. I would like to be impressed with myself.

Maybe the one way of objectively assessing ourselves is by imagining meeting ourselves for the first time at a party and striking up a conversation. Maybe we can get to some true feedback on who we truly are as people – which may be very different than who we think we are.

I guess it would kind of be like watching yourself on the screen.

I think somedays I’d have no interest in meeting me and other days I’d probably get a kick out of myself and might even ask to go have some tea with myself.