Yes! It’s there in each and everyone of us. Maybe not in every moment, but’s it’s there.

Our brilliance resides within us like a perpetual flame – a pilot light – waiting to be ignited by our efforts and imagination. Ready to support our endeavors once we’ve committed to the – sometimes frightening – but all so gratifying process of creativity.

Just as we all have the capacity to breath the air we’re enveloped in with the use of our lungs and pump blood through our veins with our miraculous heart, we have the treasure of brilliance that lies within us ready to be used at any moment.

And the only price we must pay is to ask. To call upon ourselves to face the task at hand and begin. Merely begin.

Her name is brilliance and she lies within all of us.

Oh, how I love her company – oh how I love her presence. I will call upon her to pay me a visit when I’ve opened the door for her. When I’m deserving of her call.