Where’s our head? I suppose this is important. In fact, I know it’s important. Because if it’s in the toilet – that’s not going to help us.

Sometimes our thoughts (the negative ones) can get the best of us, creeping out from the dark edges of our minds and reeking havoc by mucking up the crystal clear waters of our perspective and sending us in a tailspin that can take time and effort getting out of.

Here’s an idea Jim: Don’t go down that rabbit hole. It’s a dead end and you know it. Sometimes I feel like I have to indulge myself – playing the role of the martyr and playing this scenario out.

However, the wise one within me knows there’s no benefits to this self-induced torture. What we focus on becomes our reality, therefore, we must all do what it takes to not get caught up in the less-than-positive wave of emotions and remind ourselves that this moment is only temporary.

Before we know it, the sun is going to peek out from behind those clouds and we can then begin again.