Lord knows we all have a critic in our head that seems to never shut up. I know I do. However, I also know the best way to keep him/her at bay: By moving forward and engage our fears by squaring up our shoulders and moving forward.

This has a two-fold effect for us: First of all, it keeps us from remaining stagnate. Procrastination can be one of our worst enemies. Secondly, it keeps that nagging voice in our head quiet, even for just a brief period of time.

Eventually, we may begin to hear a very faint voice in the background. A different tone. Encouraging us. Supporting us. When my youngest son was around 4-5 years old, we had a seat that attached to my bike right in front of me and behind the handle bars. As we rode around the our hilly neighborhood, I would ask him to encourage me as we climbed the steepest of hills. He would say, “you can do it Dad, I believe in you.” This was exactly the words I needed to hear in order to get to the top.

This is the voice I long to hear in my head. And we will. As long as we continue to move forward.