Why is it so much easier to “go to bat” for others, but not for ourselves?

We tend to do more and tolerate less in order to protect others rather than ourselves. Why is that? Do we think we can handle it? Maybe. Maybe not.

We might just want to think about giving ourselves a bit of a break and throw some self-love our own way. It probably can’t hurt. I know it can’t.

One thing is for sure: Self-guilt, shame, ridicule and the like, does not inspire one to be the best version of themselves in life. Believe me. I’ve tried.

Instead, let’s give ourselves a break, recognize that we’re human beings doing the best we can and begin again with a fresh slate. Yes, we indeed may fall again, but having as many people in our corner lifting us up to rise again is wise.

This includes being our own best friend, fan, coach and leader. After all, you deserve a little Love from . . . you.