We can set appropriate expectations – and thus being prepared the most -by embracing – and do I dare say – Loving the challenges when they come our way. Oops. Just did.

And yes, we can. After all, it’s a decision. Let’s make it our own and move on.

Life – our view of life anyway – is just a perspective. We get to choose which one works for us. But, the one’s that set us up for success are the most constructive.

There are reasons why some of us are more “successful” in certain areas of our lives than others. But let’s not kid ourselves and think it’s because of chance or luck. We are where we are because of the choices we have made. Period. After all, we are 100% responsible for our own lives.

So, let’s choose to Love the challenges that lie before us and watch how that colors the way we handle them. We may just be surprised at the results.